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Are you looking for a  childcare bus dealer, daycare bus dealer or MFSAB bus dealer?  National Bus Sales stocks dozens of childcare buses, daycare buses and MFSAB buses at extremely competitive prices 12 months out of the year. National represents only the best manufacturers in the business such as  Starcraft bus and Transtech bus.  In addition, National Bus Sales stocks slightly used daycare buses, used childcare buses and used MFSAB buses at values that are significantly lower than a new childcare bus. NBS has decades of experience working with many small centers as well as national names such as Primrose, Kindercare, and Kids 'R' Kids. 

State and federal laws (see below) have rapidly changed over the past 5 years to encourage childcare and daycare centers to switch from vans to buses. These changes have prompted insurance agencies to raise premiums at the best case scenario and drop coverage at the worst case scenario. The bottom line is your childrens safety is our business, and we feel confident we can provide safe and affordable transportation at a price you can afford.

RENO, Nev. (Aug. 2, 2005) – The school transportation industry achieved a longtime goal when President Bush signed the massive highway reauthorization bill. Tucked away in an obscure section of TEA-21 is language that prohibits a school or school system from purchasing or leasing large, non-conforming vans for purposes of transporting students, punishable by a $10,000 civil fine per vehicle purchased and a maximum of $15 million for a series of violations.

The language states, "…a school or school system may not purchase or lease a new 15-passenger van if it will be used significantly by, or on the school or school system to transport preprimary, primary, or secondary school students to or from school or an event related to school, unless the 15-passenger van complies with the motor vehicle standards prescribed for school buses and multifunction school activity buses under this title. This paragraph does not apply to the purchase or lease of a 15-passenger van under a contract executed before the day of the enactment of this paragraph."

According to Robin Leeds, industry specialist for the National School Transportation Association, "What this means is that it is now illegal to buy a non-conforming van for student transportation as well as to sell one," she said. NSTA lobbied for the provision during the run-up to final passage of the bill by the House of Senate recently. "It puts the responsibility and liability on the purchaser as well as the seller, whereas until now only the seller was in violation of the law," said Leeds.

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